Emmitt Booher is a native born New Mexican. His formative years were spent on a small ranch in eastern New Mexico. He credits that rural environment for instilling a lifelong appreciation of the landscape, history and people of New Mexico...an appreciation that is prevalent in his work today. Emmitt’s work combines his passion for fine art photography and environmentally conscious images that reflect his views of our world. Through photography he promotes a personal narrative that is introspective and reveals a deeper understanding of our world.

Artist Statement (general)-

“I seek to discover and reveal, through photography, the natural world that sometimes goes unnoticed. My goal is to evoke mindfulness and contemplation within the observer. I choose to present my photographs in black and white. This is not only an artistic decision but also driven by the need to remain true to my original visualization of the world.”

About the Work-

My approach to creating a fine art photograph in the digital age is much the same as it was for me in the analog era. While the tools have evolved, the creative process remains consistent. The essence of the print is the ultimate goal. Sometimes the work is representational while other times it may approach an abstract or transitional interpretation. Prints on paper are created utilizing pigment inks and cotton rag media. An alternative process involving transparent media over 24k gold or other precious material is also employed. The final print is an attempt to convey the emotional sentiment present at the time the image was visualized.


MoMo ZoZo Carrizozo Colony, Carrizozo, New Mexico. April 2018

Project exploring the coexistence of art and a rural community in central New Mexico.

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument New Mexico, May 2016

OMDPNM-Artist Statement-

“As the first photographic artist-in-residence given the charge to display and interpret the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, I will be forever influenced by the experience. The opportunity to explore the monument’s vast cultural and natural resources within a thirty day time frame was physically and creatively demanding. The journey left an indelible emotional and spiritual fulfillment that I endeavor to convey within this body of work. Artist-in-Residency programs provide an invaluable avenue for promoting preservation and conservation of our public lands for future generations.”

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