Q...I gave him a photograph...He gave me a poem...


a period of reflection or thought, especially when aimless and unsystematic

The publishing of my portrait of Q has brought about some unexpected blessings beyond the joy of creating it.

But first let me regress..While hiking the slot canyon trail in Kasha-Katuwe National Monument I caught glimpses of Q coming up the trail. There was an aura surrounding him beyond the early morning New Mexico light. As we approached each other and exchanged greetings I realized that Q was a spiritual, peaceful soul. I asked if I could photograph him and he commented that he was not sure why I would want to, but he graciously accepted my request. Before we parted he said that he lived in Albuquerque was a poet.

My Spirit is singing again,,,thru the trees

Singing again up the ravine and deep, deep

Down in the canyon, but...walks not...for

I am the walker, the talker. My Spirit knows

The Paeans of the spheres...and How to Fly

My Spirit is never grounded...


While the photograph of Q holds a very special place in my heart, I almost didn't print it. It was a moment that was indelibly locked in memory and I wasn't sure if I should attempt to duplicate it. The camera gear that I was carrying didn't lend itself well to portrait photography. Fortunately reasoning and rational were overcome by the feeling and emotional draw to capture the moment.

Fast forward...January 2016.

I received a call from Q. He had seen the New Mexico Magazine with his photograph in it. We discussed the morning it was taken. The conversation was full of laughter and a special bond that we now shared. The photograph of Q will also be featured in the inaugural New Mexico Magazine Photography exhibit to be held at the Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography. January 30, 2016-March 31, 2016..

Q is releasing a book of poetry and has been recently featured in Laurie Seymour's "The Baca Journey". The feature on Q, as well as, Laurie's website is a great read.


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