Artist Dialogue

The allure of the dunes and spectacular skies that seemingly extend forever is inspiring…it can also be overwhelming to the artistic eye.                                                                             This collection reflects an intimate, introspective observation of this environment and our world today. They invite the observer to take pause… to absorb the fragile landscape and explore the diversity of this complex ecosystem and our relationship with it.                                                                                                                             ~ emmitt booher

Exhibiting during a pandemic...prior to the scheduled opening on November 6th with the looming probability of a state wide closure of the New Mexico Museum system a virtual artist walk-thru was recorded by the Branigan Cultural Center and myself. Thus far (December 2020) the virtual visit is the only option to view the museum exhibition. The exhibit will be 'on the walls' throughout the month of January 2021 and hopefully will be available for limited public viewing.

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